Safeguard your personal information

Follow these best practices to safeguard your personal information and help prevent identity theft.
  • Do not routinely carry your social security card or birth certificate in your wallet or purse.

  • Only carry the credit cards you use regularly.

  • Cancel credit cards that you do not use.

  • Don’t give out personal information on the phone, through mail, or over the internet unless you are sure you know who you are dealing with.

  • Don’t give your social security number unless absolutely necessary.

  • Keep a list of all of your credit cards and bank accounts and it keep it in a secure place.

  • Closely review all credit card and bank statements to detect unusual activity or unauthorized charges.

  • Deposit outgoing mail in post office collection boxes or at your local post office instead of an unsecured mailbox.

  • Remove mail promptly from your mailbox.

  • If you will be away from home and can’t pick up your mail, call the U.S. Postal Office at 1-800-275-8777 or ask for a vacation hold.

  • Destroy all credit card and ATM receipts.

  • Monitor your credit reports to make sure there is no unauthorized credit activity in your name.

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