Sample Landscape Plan for a Coastal Dune

Find landscaping options for controlling coastal erosion and preventing storm damage—provided by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) StormSmart Coasts Program.

By enhancing the natural plantings of a dune and creating a buffer between your house and the dune, you will work in harmony with the natural sedimentary processes of the coastal environment, stabilize sandy soils, reduce lawn area and its accompanying maintenance needs, conserve water, filter sediments and pollutants, and help preserve wildlife values.

The Sample Landscape Plan for a Coastal Dune (PDF, 767 KB) provides a sketched landscape plan along with a landscape profile showing the dune as viewed from the house looking toward the sea, as well as a plant list with the species used. 

Images of Coastal Dune Landscape Plan and Landcape Profile

Sample Coastal Dune Landscape Plan (left) and Landscape Profile (right)

The other available sample landscape plans are: