Savings and checking accounts

Do you need to open a savings or checking account? Learn more about the account options available in Massachusetts.

Savings accounts

Savings accounts allow you to gain interest on money you’ve deposited into the account. Your savings account fees are are often based on your balance or other products and services you use. For example, if you keep a $200 balance or use electronic statements your savings account may not have a monthly fee. Using an insured financial institution will ensure your money is safe and secure.

Checking accounts

Checking accounts allow you to deposit and cash checks in addition to offering easy access to your money for transactional needs. A checking account usually comes with a debit card to use to withdraw money or make purchases. Account fees may vary based upon your account balance and the number and type of transactions you make each month. For example, if you have direct deposit or make 10 debit transaction per month, your checking account may not have a monthly fee. 

Are you under 18 or over 65 years old?

Massachusetts state law requires state-chartered banks to provide no cost checking and savings accounts to anyone 18 years old or younger or anyone 65 years old and older. Some federally chartered banks also have special accounts that may offer reduced or limited fees.

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Basic Banking Program

Are traditional bank or credit union fees too high? The Massachusetts Basic Banking Program may be right for you. Many state-chartered banks and credit unions offer low-cost savings and checking account alternatives. This is done to expand banking products and services to consumers with modest incomes.

Basic Banking Savings Account Guidelines:

  • Requires no more than $10 to open account.
  • Charges no monthly fee on account balances of $10 or more.
  • Charges a monthly fee of no more than $1.
  • Pays interest on all account balances of $10 or more.

Basic Banking Checking Account Guidelines:

  • Requires no more than $25 to open account.
  • Charges a monthly fee of no more than $3.
  • Provides at least 15 free withdrawals, including at least 8 checks per month.
  • Charges no more than $1 for each withdrawal over the allowable number of free withdrawals.