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Division of Banks licensee information

The Division of Banks (DOB) licenses non-deposit companies and individuals. Paper applications are no longer accepted by the DOB. All license management and application is done through the Nationwide Multi-State Licensing System (NMLS).

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Mortgage loan originator license

How-to apply for a mortgage loan originator license

You need a mortgage loan originator license if for compensation or gain, or in the expectation of compensation or gain, take a residential mortgage loan application or offers or negotiates the terms of a residential mortgage.

Mortgage company license

How-to apply for a mortgage company license

All mortgage lenders or mortgage brokers doing business in Massachusetts be licensed by the DOB.

Consumer finance company license

How-to apply for a consumer finance company license

The DOB licenses consumer finance companies, including insurance premium finance companies, motor vehicle finance companies, retail installment finance companies, and small loan companies.

Debt collector license or loan servicer registration

How-to apply for a debt collector license or loan servicer registration

If you engage in third-party collection of consumer debt, or purchase and directly collect consumer debt you must be licensed through the DOB. If you service a loan owed to another you need to be registered through the DOB.

Check casher license

How-to apply for a check casher license

If you cash checks, drafts, or money orders for more than $1.00 per item in Massachusetts you must be licensed by the DOB.

Money transmitter license

How-to apply for a money transmitter license ​​​​​​

If you take part in receiving deposits from Massachusetts consumers and transmit the money to foreign countries you need a license from the DOB. Selling or issuing  checks or money orders requires registration through the DOB.

NMLS overview

The DOB is part of the NMLS.  NMLS is a collaborative effort among state regulators to bring greater efficiencies and accountability to the supervision of the financial services industries.

NMLS is a secured, web-based system that allows state licensees, companies, branches, and mortgage loan originators, to apply for, amend, update or renew licenses online in Massachusetts. Licensees in other participating states may also use these services.

Each licensed company and individual has a single record in NMLS, regardless of the number of licenses held or the number of states in which they operate. Each licensed company or individual has access to their record in the system through a secure website. This allows them to conveniently view license information, apply for new licenses, amend existing licenses, and renew or surrender licenses throughout the year.

Licensees have access to the system 362 days a year, 7 days a week with operational assistance available through a national call center.

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