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Schedule a Pre-filing Meeting

Meet with staff of the MEPA Office to discuss your filing.

Prior to filing with MEPA, a project Proponent may consult with the MEPA Director, Assistant Director or one of the Environmental Analysts to determine any review thresholds the project may meet or exceed and any potential agency action it may require. The MEPA office regularly schedules pre-filing meetings with proponents to support complete filings and in some cases, may help to avoid unnecessary MEPA review.


Scheduling a Pre-filing Meeting

Staff at the MEPA office are always  willing to hold pre-filing meetings to discuss how to address standard filing requirements and to discuss any specific or unique aspects of a project and MEPA review. A pre-filing meeting can be scheduled through emailing a request to

In addition to requesting a pre-filing meeting, the email should contain a project summary, brief description of what you’d like input on, and potential dates/times that you are available for a meeting.