Seafood Marketing Program

The Seafood Marketing Program focuses on supporting local seafood products and industries.


The Division of Marine Fisheries Seafood Marketing Program seeks to increase consumer awareness and preference for local seafood products. The program supports the state’s commercial fishing and seafood industries and communities.

This is a relatively new program, and we value your input. Wendy Mainardi is the Massachusetts Seafood Marketing Program Coordinator. Feel free to contact her at (617) 626-1525 with any tips or suggestions.

Additional Resources

Current Projects

Pilot Grant Program

DMF launched this pilot program as an additional way to leverage the knowledge and connections of local groups to promote sustainably-harvested Massachusetts seafood.

Harvest of the Month

DMF partnered with MA Farm to School featuring seafood as the "Harvest of the Month" in May 2017. This program provided locally sourced seafood meals to public schools, medical centers, and colleges. A second seafood "Harvest of the Month" is planned for May 2018.

Seafood Week

DMF partnered with local restaurants to highlight and promote locally caught seafood. This past spring, we launched "Squid Week" with the help of 12 participating restaurants. We plan to coordinate future "Weeks" featuring other Massachusetts-landed species when they are in-season.


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