South Coast District RMPs

Resource Management Plan Underway
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DCR's South Coast District is a collection of 14 parks, forests, and reservations located in Bristol County. Five of these properties already have plans adopted by the Stewardship Council. DCR is now preparing RMPs for each of the remaining nine properties

DCR parks within the South Coast District getting RMPs

Each park is the subject of its own Resource Management Plan; all plans are currently underway and will be released later this year.

Public Input

Public input is an integral component of the RMP process; and provides a forum within the RMP to enhance communication and cooperation with park visitors, partners, and surrounding communities. A virtual public meeting is being held June 2, 2022, to solicit public input  regarding recreation, stewardship of resources, and park facilities. Public comment will be accepted between June 2 and June 23.

To click here to submit comments to inform the development of South Coast RMPs.

If you wish to offer additional information on a DCR property in the South Coast District, please consider taking our visitor survey. This survey will ask you 12 questions about such topics as what you like about the park, the types of activities that you participate in at the park, challenges facing the park, what would make you feel more welcome or more satisfied with your park-going experience, and how the park has changed over time.

A second public meeting, to solicit input on Draft Resource Management Plans for properties in the South Coast District is anticipated fall 2022. Please check the DCR Public Meetings Information page for updates.

South Coast District Plans Adopted by DCR Stewardship Council

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