Special offers for municipal and state GIS

MassGIS offers several programs and opportunities for municipal GIS users. Other political subdivisions of the commonwealth may also take advantage of these offers.

Municipal Mapper

Municipal Mapper ("MuniMapper" for short) is a FREE mapping tool created by MassGIS for individual communities. It allows for viewing of map information from the MassGIS statewide map repository that is specifically relevant to cities and towns.

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Licensed Google imagery

The Massachusetts Google Imagery Service may be licensed by public organizations in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (state, regional and local governments) and their contractors involved in specific projects.

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HERE Streets Data from MassGIS for State Government Users

An enterprise license for the commercial HERE (the company that now includes data products that were formerly branded as "Navteq") streets data for Massachusetts allows these files to be used by any Massachusetts government agency or political subdivision, including commissions, boards, regional agencies, authorities, and cities and towns. These data may be used for geocoding - the process of locating addresses on a map.

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Massachusetts' Master Service Agreement with Esri

All political subdivisions of the commonwealth can purchase GIS software and GIS-related services from Esri. The contract prices are less than "list" and about the same as Federal GSA pricing.

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Massachusetts' Master Service Agreements for GIS Services

ITS53 contains a roster of pre-qualified companies that can provide IT solutions in several categories including GIS: General GIS Services, Planimetric Mapping Services, and Web Mapping Services.

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