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Specialized training is advertised when funding is available

Why and when certain specialized training topics are offered by MPTC.

How specialized training topics are determined

Specialized training is driven by the training year's budget and feedback from the police academy's area constituents.

  • Training is listed in alphabetical order by topic not training location
  • The first six training topics appear first on this landing page
  • Select "show all" to see all advertised training topics available
  • Select a topic to see the training location(s) offering the topic, registration instructions and any potential prerequisites (if applicable)
  • As a courtesy, police training offered by outside training agencies in the New England area is advertised under "Additional Services"

Do not see training you are seeking?

  • When the training topic you are looking for is not advertised it is not being offered at this time.
  • Please contact the program coordinator at the police academy in your area or the statewide coordinator, where appropriate, to express interest.