Springfield Data Center - Pest Control

Learn about the Springfield Data Center's pest control policy and your responsibilities.


It is the policy of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) to ensure that all office spaces and common spaces are free of pests by educating its contractors and customers, following Integrated Pest Managements (IPM) procedures in accordance with Executive Order 403, and successfully managing its pest control contract; and to adopt and implement Executive Order No. 403, entitled Integrated Pest Management for Massachusetts State Agencies.

Contact the Maintenance Staff to report pest activity at  (413) 346-9100.

Preventative measures

  • Ensuring that food is not left in desks or on desktops or other areas accessible to pests;
  • Keeping individual workstations clean;
  • Rinsing and storing all soda cans and bottles in appropriate containers for recycling
  • Removing recycled cans and bottles from offices daily;
  • Providing and using plastic or metal containers with tight-fitting lids for the storage of organic material that agencies have a special need to retain;
  • Reporting any pest problems or conditions conducive to pest problems to the Facility Manager at (413) 346-9112.

Education measures to reduce food clutter, etc

  • DCAMM Management responsibilities to make customers more aware include:
  • Educating customer agencies and employees of their responsibilities eliminate food sources that attract and sustain insects and rodents in the workplace
  • Educating cleaning personnel of their responsibility to eliminate food residues and to use thorough housekeeping practices in the workplace
  • Educating¬† personnel responsible for refuse management and recycling of their responsibilities to keep containers, and container areas scrupulously clean, and to ensure consistent and regular removal and disposal
  • Educating building tenants of their responsibilities to provide organizational sanitation by eliminating excess paper, recycle paper and boxes for prompt removal, store materials off of the floor and away from wall and maintain closets and files with minimal clutter

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