Springfield Data Center - Security

Learn about the responsibilities of the Springfield Data Center’s Security Department.

About building security

It is the policy of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) to provide a safe and secure working environment for employees of all DCAMM tenant agencies.

Building Security has been designed with a security system to accommodate the confidential nature of information flowing through the Agencies located at Springfield Data Center (SDC). The system is comprised of an Integrated Point Monitoring and Access Control System.  In addition to uniformed security officers the system also contains a Closed Circuit Television System and intercoms, perimeter security fence and controlled access security gates (vehicular) on both Spring and Elliot Street and two pedestrian gates on Elliot Street. The system is designed to control access through a controlled security fence gate to the parking lot and through the security controlled main doors to the lobby.  From the lobby there are several multilevel access requirements (card access, finger print, and vascular recognition) to afford the maximum of security into the building and interior areas.

The SDC Security Department can be reached at (413) 346-9100.


All visitors and vendors must be scheduled to come to the building for any delivery, provide maintenance, installation or services to building systems or IT components. They must also show picture identification, sign in and out at the main entrance Security Desk or Loading Bay, and may not gain access to User Agency premises unless they are greeted and accompanied by an employee of the User Agency.


Access cards

Access cards will be distributed by DCAMM to the specific Agency Representative.  Photo identification will be adhered onto the access card and will be done at the Springfield Data Center. These ID cards must be worn at all times while personnel are in the building. Access Cards are used for identification, access into the building, parking areas, agency offices, data centers and cabinets. For security reasons, it is important that employees do not write any information on their card identifying the building or the degree of access the card provides.

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