Springfield Data Center - Smoking, Recycling, and Posting Policies

Learn about the smoking, recycling, and poster policies for the Springfield Data Center.

Smoking policy

No smoking is allowed in the Springfield Data Center.  Effective August 25, 1997, the Smoking Policy prohibits smoking in any area of any State Office Building, including bathrooms, stairwells, and garages in accordance with M.G.L. Chapter 270, section 22.  This law supersedes Administrative Bulletin 87-1 promulgated by the Executive Office of Administration and Finance, which was the basis of previous Bureau Policy, Section 22 provides, in pertinent part.


Recyling policy

It is the policy of the Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) to provide means for tenants to recycle. 

DCAMM encourages all tenant agencies to collect all paper materials for pick up by the recycling contractor.

Posting notices or posters

It is the policy of DCAMM to enhance the appearance of state office buildings by prohibiting the use of paper signs in DCAMM facilities.

No paper, cardboard, wooden, etc. signs shall be allowed in the Springfield Data Center. No posted material shall be affixed to walls, doors, or elevators. No political campaign materials shall be displayed or posted in the Springfield Data Center.

Any temporary paper signs must be posted following DCAMM Policy.  All posters/notices must be pre-approved by DCAMM or SDC Facility Manager. If approved, posters/notices may be posted at a location determined by DCAMM. Failure to adhere to this procedure will result in the removal of posted material.

When permanent signs are needed, DCAMM will install them. Agencies may install signs with DCAMM's consent, provided they are consistent with other signs on the same floor and are ADA compliant.

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