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SRBTF Documents Archive

Audit Records including OPEB Valuations, SRBTF Monthly Statements & Governing Documents

Audit Records 

The SRBTF provides access to the following documents, including audit reports, to all members of the public and participating municipal entities under the requirements of M.G.L. c32A §24A section (h)

OPEB Liability Audit Reports

PRIM Board records, including annual reports and audits 

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

SRBTF Performance

October 2021 Statement - (Commonwealth's share of SRBTF assets)  

October 2021 Gross/Net of Fees - (All Member Entities)  

PRIM Performance Slides (Provided at the December 2021 Board meeting) 

Governing Documents

SRBTF By-Laws (8/2/18)

Operating Trust (12/1/16) 

SRBTF Frequently Asked Questions (12-1-16)

State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund Policies and Procedures (adopted 12/3/20)


Current Participants

List as of 08-26-21


Enabling Statutes

M.G.L. c32A §24:  State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund

M.G.L. c32A §24A:  State Retiree Benefits Trust Fund Board of Trustees

M.G.L. c.32B §20:  Other Post-Employment Benefits Liability Trust



PRIM Operating Trust Agreement (9/22/98)

PRIM Investment Services Agreement (12/9/14)

PRIM Administrative Services Agreement (12/9/14)