State-owned Farmland Licensing Program FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Supposed at the end of my five-year agreement I want to continue participation. Is that possible?
Yes. Your license will come with a renewal option.

The Program sounds intriguing to me, but I'm just not sure I can commit to a five-year agreement. Is there any way to get a shorter agreement? 
Yes. When the Department sees that a five-year agreement won't work for you, a one-year special permit may be granted.

I live in a neighboring state. Can I participate in the program?
Sorry! The Program is open to Commonwealth residents only.

If I were to be granted a license, what kind of structures can I put on the land?
Only temporary ones, like fences and other ones necessary to your farm operation. When your agreement ends, you'd be required to remove them.

Could I sell the produce from enrolled land at a stand on that property?
These lands are not intended for establishing retail operations. Although you could allow persons to pick their own fruits and vegetables and sell them that way, you would have to transport the items to your home farm and sell them at the location.


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