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State Police's Most Wanted

Below are fugitives wanted by the Massachusetts State Police.

We need your help in finding these people but, the people on this page are wanted for serious and often violent crimes. If you believe that you know the location of one of these fugitives DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TAKE ANY ACTION ON YOUR OWN!

Immediately call the State Police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section at (800) 527-8873, (508) 820-2121, or your local authorities if you believe you have spotted one of these fugitives.

Xavier L. DeJesus

Xavier L. Dejesus Most Wanted

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Yssael Lantigua Alecon

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Leopoldo Espinal

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Carlos M. Vizcaino

Capture Carlos Vizcaino

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Jesse G. Ouellet

Captured - Jesse G Ouellet Poster

Daniel L. Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez - Captured

Cornel Bell

Cornel Bell - Caputred

Zion P. Vazquez

Zion P. Vazquez - Captured

Kaevon T. Brimfield

Capture - Kaevon T. Brimfield

Aleczander Liriano

Aleczander Liriano

Kevin J. Hamel

Kevin J. Hamel

Stephen C. Cote

Capture Cote, S.