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Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP)

The Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP) provides services to eligible people with external traumatic brain injuries.

The Statewide Head Injury Program (SHIP) is one of the programs of the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission’s Community Based Services.

What could SHIP do for me?

We provide:

  • Skills Training: Helping you to learn the skills you need to live in the community.

  • Adult Companion: Provides companionship and social activities. This aide can also be used so a caregiving family can take a break.

  • Residential Services: Provided in a home setting for more than one individual. Supervision and support is provided around the clock. Availability is very limited due to funding.

  • Shared Living: Living in a paid caregiver’s home. The caregiver helps you with your everyday needs. Availability is limited due to funding.

  • SHIP – Regional Service Centers: The centers help you to improve your skills. Staff will work with you by yourself and in groups. The Centers can also help you find and use other services in your community.

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SHIP Eligibility:

To be eligible for SHIP services you must

  • be a resident of Massachusetts

  • have a confirmed injury to the brain caused by something outside of the brain

  • have difficulty managing your everyday life since the injury

  • document the difficulties are caused by the brain injury

  • be willing and able to participate in and benefit from services

How do I apply?

Apply Online 
If you need assistance while filling out this application, please call  MRC Connect at 617-204-3665. 

MRC Connect includes an online referral application that collects needed information across several MRC programs. This application helps you and MRC match needs to the available programs you may be eligible for.

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