Survivor and Family Assistance Plan

In the aftermath of a mass casualty or mass fatality event, there may be a need to quickly establish a location for survivors and families to congregate and receive and provide information.

The Survivor and Family Assistance plan focuses on identifying resources and capabilities of local, regional, state, federal, non-governmental agencies, and private non-profit organizations, and on developing and setting forth a framework and organizational structure for the coordination of resources and capabilities in order to assist impacted communities in providing survivor and family assistance following a mass casualty or mass fatality incident. Roles and responsibilities for some of the agencies and organizations that may have a significant role in the implementation of this plan is outlined within. This Plan is intended to expand upon and coordinate actions taken under the Massachusetts Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, as well as the existing Emergency Operations Plans of state agencies and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that have operational responsibilities for establishing, maintaining, and/or delivering services at Family Reception Centers or Family Assistance Centers.

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