Types of specialty environmental license plates

You can purchase a specialty environmental license plate that will support the Massachusetts Environmental Trust. Learn about the three different types of specialty environmental plates.

Right Whale & Roseate Terns Plate

The most popular plate features the fluke of a northern right whale and two roseate terns. The North Atlantic Right Whale is the official state marine mammal and is the world’s most endangered large whale. Roseate terns are also an endangered species of Massachusetts. Both depend on a healthy Massachusetts environment for their survival.

Leaping Brook Trout Plate

The second specialty plate introduced features a brook trout. These fish are native to the western streams of Massachusetts, and are popular game fish. This plate serves as a symbol of the recreational benefits of a healthy Massachusetts environment.

Blackstone Valley Mill Plate

The third specialty plate features a Blackstone Valley Mill. The Blackstone Valley was the birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution. This plate reminds us that we need to continue to restore the health of our urban rivers and riverfront communities.

Purchase Now

You can purchase any of these three specialty plates online through the Mass RMV website. Make sure you have your current Massachusetts registration number, your plate type, and your registration expiration date before you go to make your purchase.

Important notes:

  • Your new specialty plate, registration, and decal will be mailed to you, so be sure to update your address on file before purchasing the plate.
  • If your registration is expiring this current month, and it is past the 15th, then you can't purchase the plate online.
  • Company-owned (commercial) and company-leased vehicles cannot order a specialty plate. However, if you are leasing a vehicle, you can ask the dealer for an environmental plate.


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