Wachusett and Sudbury Reservoir Fishing Information

Find information about fishing on the Wachusett and Sudbury Reservoirs.

Wachusett Reservoir Fishing Access

The Wachusett fishing season operates from the first Saturday in April, providing no ice is present, and runs until November 30.

Wachusett Reservoir fishing access is allowed through the following areas:

  • Route 70: Gates 6 to 16
  • Route 140: Gates 17 to 24
  • Route 12/110: Gates 25 to 35
  • West Boylston: Thomas Basin

No Fishing is Allowed From Any Other Areas.

DCR permits Shore Fishing Only at the Wachusett and Sudbury Reservoirs from dawn to dusk daily during the fishing season.

You can view the Wachusett Reservoir Fishing Map and Rules.

Sudbury Reservoir Fishing Access

Shore fishing at the Sudbury Reservoir is permitted everywhere except that portion of the Reservoir closest to the dam. Prohibited area extends from Route 30 Causeway around the the dam to Clemmons St.

DCR permits Shore Fishing Only at the Wachusett and Sudbury Reservoirs from dawn to dusk daily during the fishing season.

You can view the Sudbury Reservoir Fishing Map and Rules.

Pond Fishing

Fishing at the West Waushacum Pond (the Quag), Middle Waushacum Pond, and Muddy Pond in Sterling extends from the first Saturday in April through November 30.

  • Ice Fishing is not permitted.
  • Boats up to 14 feet in length, canoes, and kayaks are allowed at the Waushacum Ponds.
  • From September 15th to May 15th all users must wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved Personal Floatation Device.
  • Electronic outboard motors, but no others, may be used.


All persons over 15 years must have a valid MA fishing/sporting license.


In order to address sanitary concerns for the fishing program, DCR has placed temporary rest room facilities at heavily traveled sites around the Wachusett Reservoir. Facilities are located at the Oakdale Rail-Trail, Old Stone Church, Gate 19, and Gate 36. Please protect Wachusett Reservoir's water by using these facilities.

Fishing Advisory

  • DCR and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health have issued a health advisory for persons consuming Wachusett and Sudbury fish.
  • The advisory recommends limiting or eliminating consumption of certain species of fish due to elevated levels of mercury found in fish samples.
  • Water testing results indicate that mercury has not affected the drinking water and its suitability for human consumption.

You can also view the Department of Public Health’s complete list of fish consumption advisories.