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Wastewater Treatment Plants

Information and tools for wastewater treatment plant operators

Wastewater treatment plants range from small privately-owned facilities treating sanitary wastewater from a housing development to large regional facilities treating millions of gallons a day of sanitary and industrial wastewater. Plants owned by municipalities are commonly called Publicly-Owned Treatment Plants, or POTWs. In cooperation with local and federal authorities, MassDEP regulates many types of wastewater treatment plants.

Lists of Treatment Plants by town and type

Regulations for Wastewater Treatment Plants and Operators


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Tools & Resources for Treatment Plant Owners and Operators

  • Pump System Optimization & Assessments: A Management Workshop and Webinar

    Presentations and information on Pump System Optimization & Assessments for Municipal Drinking Water and Wastewater Facilities workshop held November 4, 2015.

  • Massachusetts Drinking Water & Wastewater Facilities Energy Management Pilot

    Results of the first phase of the Massachusetts Energy Management Pilot for Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities, designed to reduce municipal and regional treatment plant greenhouse gas emissions and energy use by 20 percent.

  • Emergency Planning and Preparedness Tips for WWTP and WTP Operators

    This checklist provides operators and key staff members with information and advice on critical items that should be considered and checked to help you gauge your treatment plant's emergency preparedness status.

  • TR-16 Guides for the Design of Wastewater Treatment Works

    The new Technical Report #16 (TR-16) covers in detail the important elements of wastewater treatment that must be considered in the design of wastewater treatment works. The content, however, has been completely updated to reflect current practices and to include advances in technology, nutrient removal, energy efficiency, and instrumentation. The intended audience includes engineers who design wastewater treatment plants, state regulators who review and approve designs, and municipalities that are soliciting professional design services for wastewater treatment facilities.

  • Municipal Compliance Fact Sheet: Wastewater

    What municipal officials need to know to ensure that community wastewater systems are operating effectively and properly protecting public health and the environment.

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