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What to bring to the Massachusetts bar exam

The following is a list of the items required, prohibited and allowed in the exam room

Examinees must bring the following items to the bar exam:

  • Government Issued Photo ID
  • Seating Assignment notice (email #2)
  • Examinee Agreement
  • # 2 Pencils, Wednesday only
  • Blue or Black Pens - Tuesday only
  • laptop computer and power cord adaptor - Tuesday only

Items strictly prohibited in the exam room:

  • Cell phones*, personal electronic devices, wireless activity tracker
  • Watches, clocks, timers
  • Backpacks, briefcases, hand or tote bags, purses, luggage
  • Pencil Sharpeners, pencil or pen cases, mechanical pencils, highlighters
  • Erasable ink, fountain or felt tip pens
  • Scrap paper, post-it notes, correction fluid or tape, notes, study or bar review materials
  • Noisy footwear - including flip flops
  • Earplugs (Ear plugs are provided by the Board of Bar Examiners
  • Outerwear, caps, hat or hood worn on the head, except for religious or medical need

*You are allowed to bring one cell phone to the exam, which will be secured in a Yondr case, and a laptop on Tuesday.

Items allowed in the exam room:

  • 1 Clear, colorless, label free, a liter or less, plastic water bottle
  • 1 clear, colorless, gallon or less, plastic storage bag for personal items including lunch and medication
  • A clothing garment, such as a sweater, if needed

Information for Examinees Using a Laptop

Approximately six (6) weeks before the exam you will receive an email notice from ExamSoft to download and register the software. Please note, ExamSoft will be sending an email notice from The dates of the registration period for ExamSoft will be posted on the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners’ Custom Home Page (CHP) on ExamSoft’s website which can be found at

If you have not successfully registered and downloaded the software during the designated registration period, you will not be able to use your laptop for the examination.  You will remain in your original assigned section and a proctor will issue you an essay answer booklet.

See the document below for detailed information regarding the use of laptops at the bar exam.

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