Tobin Bridge: Repairs and lead paint chips cleanup

MassDOT is working in the Tobin Bridge area of Chelsea to pick up paint chips that have fallen from the bridge. MassDOT has set up a hotline to report debris and other concerns.

The Tobin bridge is over 75 years old and has been painted over numerous times and that old paint has become brittle. The winter weather caused the paint to flake off and fall to the ground near the bridge. MassDOT recently began a project to repair and repaint a section of the bridge in Chelsea.

The paint chips from the Tobin are known to contain lead, which can cause serious health issues in children. Do not handle or ingest any paint chips and do not allow children to play with paint chips. Please allow MassDOT’s contractors to pick up all the paint chips.

Hotline to report debris and other concerns: 857-492-0221

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