Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

MCB offers comprehensive VR services to eligible and interested consumers who want to overcome barriers to accessing, maintaining, or returning to employment or other useful occupation.

To be eligible for MCB VR services, a person must meet the following criteria:

- The person must have a disability of legal blindness which for that person constitutes or results in a substantial impediment to employment.

- The person must require VR services to prepare for, secure, retain, or regain employment.

- There must be a determination that the person can benefit in terms of an employment outcome from VR services.

VR Programs and Services Return on Investment Study

The Massachusetts Commission for the Blind is collaborating with Public Consulting Group LLC (PCG) to determine the effectiveness and impact of our programs and services. We take tremendous pride in serving our consumers, and many have gone on to achieve great success in obtaining and maintaining meaningful employment, furthering educational and training endeavors, and generally improving quality of life. We are using this study to measure the benefits our programs and services provide, and to identify any opportunities to improve services for individuals in Massachusetts who are blind or visually impaired. How can you help? As part of this study, PCG may reach out to you to participate in an interview or focus group, which are expected to take place during the month of July. Your responses will be confidential, and no information you provide can be linked back to you personally by anyone at MCB. Your answers will not impact your eligibility for current or future MCB services, and choosing not to participate will also not impact your eligibility for current or future MCB services. Thank you in advance for your collaboration, insight, and willingness to help us make this important initiative a success. If you would like to participate in an interview or focus group, please reach out to MCB-VR@mass.gov.

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