District/Municipal Court Rules

BMC Standing Order

District/Municipal Court Rules Boston Municipal Court Standing Order 2-83: Interpreters

Courts: Boston Municipal Court
Adopted Date: 10/17/1983


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Standing Order 2-83

In all cases in which the services of an interpreter are required, it shall be the obligation of the litigants to file with the Court a request, in writing, seeking the appointment of the interpreter at least forty-eight hours prior to the hearing or trial at which said services are required. Such request shall specify the language for which the interpreter is required.

In the event that the hearing or trial is continued, it shall be the obligation of the litigants to renew the request for an interpreter in the same manner prescribed in the foregoing paragraph.

This Order is made in accordance with Rule 43(f) of the Massachusetts Rules of Civil Procedure and Rule 41 of the Massachusetts Rules of Criminal Procedure.



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