DPU Siting Division

The Siting Division issues licenses to construct and operate transmission lines and provides necessary exemptions from municipal zoning for energy facilities.

While the Energy Facilities Siting Board oversees the siting of many large energy facilities, the DPU also plays a complementary role that long pre-dates the creation of the EFSB. The DPU reviews proposals to: (1) construct and operate electric transmission lines; (2) obtain exemptions from municipal zoning ordinances for necessary energy facilities; (3) authorize the survey of land for proposed energy facilities; and (4) authorize the taking of land (or easements) for necessary energy facilities. The DPU Siting Division administers DPU siting functions, and also serves as staff to the EFSB. When proposed energy facilities involve both the DPU and EFSB, the DPU assigns its responsibilities to the EFSB in a consolidated proceeding


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