Memorial Drive Phase 3 Public Meeting 6/30/2022

Thursday, June 30, 2022
6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Overview   of Memorial Drive Phase 3 Public Meeting 6/30/2022

The primary purpose of the Memorial Drive Phase III Project is to provide for pedestrian and bicycle improvements and park land improvement that further enhance the Memorial Drive parkway as a recreational amenity and important bicycle and pedestrian corridor.  Memorial Drive Phase III project limits are from JFK Street (i.e., the Anderson Bridge) to the Eliot Bridge in Cambridge. 

The Project consists of the reconstruction and narrowing of Memorial Drive (i.e., road diet) to have a 26-foot-wide cross section, construction of a new 10-foot-wide multi-use path and a 5-foot-wide aggregate path, two new pedestrian/bike crossings, restored sidewalk on the north side of the Parkway, protection of the London Plane Trees and cultural resource elements, and parkland improvements along the Charles River.  In addition, substantial stormwater system improvements are proposed to improve stormwater quality being discharged into the Charles River.

Topics that will be covered at this public meeting include:

  • Revised 25% Design
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Gerry’s Landing Road proposed closure & connection to Memorial Drive
  • London Plane Trees/Landscaping
  • Typical Cross Sections of Project
  • Stormwater System
  • Permitting Update & Project Schedule

The public will also be invited to submit comments after the meeting, with a deadline for receipt by DCR of July 21st, 2022. Comments may be submitted online at Please note that public comments submitted to DCR may be posted on the DCR website in their entirety, and no information, including personal information, may be redacted.

Meeting Notices

Memorial Drive Greenway Improvements Phase III Meeting Notice 2022-6-30

纪念大道第三期公众会议 (Chinese Simplified)

紀念大道第三期公眾會議 (Traditional Chinese)

Reyinyon Piblik Faz 3 Memorial Drive (Haitian Creole)

Reunión Pública Memorial Drive Fase 3 (Spanish)

Fact Sheets

马萨诸塞州保护和娱乐部 DCR (Chinese Simplifield)

麻塞諸塞州保護和娛樂部 DCR (Traditional Chinese)

Fèy Enfòmasyon sou Pwojè a (Haitian - French - Creole)

Hoja Informativa del Proyecto (Spanish)

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