Memorial Drive Greenway Improvements, Phase III

DCR is undertaking the redesign of the Memorial Drive Greenway between JFK Street (i.e., the Anderson Bridge) and the Eliot Bridge
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Over the next year, DCR and its consultant team, Stantec, will prepare final designs to renovate, and upgrade the roadway and parkland. The project will enhance safety and the path-users’ experience, while improving water quality and habitat in the historic Charles River Basin.  Through a continued community planning process, DCR aims to present the design for Phase III in 2022.

More Information

This project is the third phase of DCR’s planned rehabilitation and restoration of Memorial Drive, as recommended by the Master Plan for the Charles River Basin (April 2002). Previous phases addressed deficiencies between the Longfellow Bridge and Boston University’s DeWolfe Boathouse. DCR is committed to involving the community during all phases of design and construction. A series of public meetings will be held as various design milestones are reached. To receive project-related emails, including public meeting announcements, please email a request to or call 617-626-4973.

Public Process

June 30, 2022: Public Meeting  Notice  |  Presentation   |  Video Recording   |  Public Comments and Letters - deadline 2022-7-21 

This project was started with AECOM as the DCR consultant.  After about 18 months of work, DCR decided to change the project scope of the AECOM lead project and re-advertise it for the purpose of expediting the changes in the revised project scope.  DCR has hired Stantec Consultants to prepare 100% design of the revised project.  The current project limits are JFK Street/Anderson Bridge to Eliot Bridge.

Public Outreach Summary under Stantec contract: Over 220 additional public comments received on the Project to date. Many comments submitted in response to DCR’s Environmental Notification Form. 

The second public meeting with the Stantec consultant team is scheduled for June 30, 2022.

June 25, 2019: Public Meeting    Notice  |  Presentation  |  Minutes  |  Public Comments

April 11, 2019:  Public Listening Session   Notice  |  Presentation  |  Minutes  |  Public Comments

Overall Project Benefits

  • Design informed by public comment – multiple planning studies and public meetings
  • Substantial benefits to all members of community, including EJ communities, to use the parkway for recreation and travel
  • Substantial expansion of greenspace - Removing 2 travel lanes and Gerry’s Landing Road, with 1‑acre reduction of impervious surface
  • Safer facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists – expanded, separated facilities, improved road crossings and sidewalks
  • Stormwater improvements
  • Extensive landscaping improvements

Ecological Improvements

  • Enhanced stormwater treatment
  • Restoration of Riverfront Area
  • Substantial Landscaping Plan with dozens of new trees, bushes, benches, overlooks
    Scenic vista – low growing native plants, removal of non-native plans

Alternatives Analysis

  • 12 alternatives considered to balance goals of the project

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