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Financial Disclosure Law: Information about Statements of Financial Interests (SFI)

Information about how to complete or view SFIs filed with the State Ethics Commission

The State Ethics Commission administers and enforces the provisions of the financial disclosure law. Among other provisions, the law requires elected state and county officials, state and county employees who hold major policy-making positions, and candidates for state and county office, to file a Statement of Financial Interest (SFI) with the Commission. A new electronic filing application is available for SFI filers. Filers can contact the State Ethics Commission at 617-371-9500 for filing assistance. Filers are strongly encouraged to file electronically.

The electronic filing application also has a Public Inspection Module that allows anyone to view a list of all SFI filers for a selected calendar year (CY), beginning with CY 2015. People can search for a specific SFI filer or filers by name or by a particular public agency, and can request and obtain SFIs, as explained below.