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2020 Municipal Assessment Reporting Form

Here, cities and towns in Massachusetts can report how their 2020 municipal assessment funds are allocated.

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Per statute, the Transportation Network Company (TNC) Division of the Department of Public Utilities must collect a $0.20 per-ride assessment on all TNC rides originating in Massachusetts.  Each year, half of the per-ride assessment is disbursed to each municipality proportionally based on the number of rides originating in that municipality.  The funds must be used “to address the impact of transportation network services on municipal roads, bridges and other transportation infrastructure or any other public purpose substantially related to the operation of transportation network services in the city or town including, but not limited to, the complete streets program established in G.L. c. 90I, sec. 1 and other programs that support alternative modes of transportation.” per St. 2016, c. 187, sec. 8(c)(i).  Each city or town receiving a disbursement must submit a report to the TNC Division not later than December 31, 2021, detailing the projects and the amount used or planned to be used for transportation-related projects, as described above, per St. 2016, c. 187, sec. 8(d).  Instructions for submitting this report can be found below.

If a municipality has questions about the reporting process or is experiencing technical difficulties, the TNC Division can be contacted by email at or by phone at (617) 305-3569.