Chapter 30B Technical Assistance Form

The OIG's Chapter 30B team can help you answer public procurement questions and can advise you on interpreting, analyzing and applying the provisions of Chapter 30B.

Chapter 30B addresses the purchase of supplies and services, the disposition of surplus supplies and the acquisition and disposition of real property by local governmental bodies and other jurisdictions that use Chapter 30B. This form is one of our options for you to obtain assistance. We look forward to assisting you! 

Note, the Chapter 30B technical assistance team can respond only to questions about Chapter 30B – the Uniform Procurement Act. Therefore, we are providing links to other agencies and entities so you may reach out to them depending on your topic or interest.

Before contacting the technical assistance team using this form, please review the following reference materials as they may provide you with a faster and more comprehensive response to your question.


To report fraud, waste and abuse of public funds or property, please go to the Confidential Public Fraud, Waste and Abuse Reporting Hotline webpage.

If you do not want to use this form, you may obtain assistance by emailing the or calling our 30B hotline number (617) 722-8838.