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Guide Driver Verification System (DVS) Program

The Driver Verification System (DVS) Program tracks changes to the status of a driver's license to improve public safety in Massachusetts.

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What is DVS?

DVS gives employers the ability to track license statuses of your drivers/employees and receive email notifications from the RMV if there is a change in the license status at any time while they are enrolled in DVS. 

When you receive a DVS notification via email you are required to log into your DVS account to view the driver(s) that has had a status change. 

The DVS Program provides the following information for any driver enrolled:

  • License class held (CDL, Passenger, Motorcycle), status, and expiration date
    • If a 7D School Bus Certificate is held, status and expiration date
    • If CDL is held, CDL Self Certification type and expiration date
  • Organ Donor status
  • Any restrictions and endorsements held

You are required to provide the license number, date of birth, last and first name for each driver that is being enrolled into the DVS program. You are also required to delete any driver that is no longer in your employment.

The DVS program also allows you to request an Unattested Public Driving Record for any employee enrolled into the program. The Public Driving Record includes all surchargeable accidents, criminal and civil driving offenses for which a person was found either guilty or responsible, plus discretionary and administrative license suspension actions. This Public Driving Record file is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free from

Who can participate in the DVS Program?

DVS is available to RMV permitted users as stated in section 1 of the Agreement for Access to Records and Data Maintained by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

How do I access the DVS Program?

You will access the DVS program via the RMV's eServices web-based portal. You must designate at least one eService Administrator for your DVS account. The eService Administrator will maintain access for your End Users.

To log into the DVS portal click here.


Is there training required to participate in the DVS Program?

Yes. All eServices Administrators and End Users are required to complete a computer based training (CBT) prior to using the RMV's eServices Portal.

Is there a fee to participate in the program?

No fee unless you request a driving record

There is no fee to participate in the DVS Program and receive license status notifications. If you choose to obtain an unattested public driving record there is an $8.00 fee for each record requested (municipalities & state agencies are exempt from this fee). A monthly invoice will be posted to your DVS Account for viewing.

Your invoice can be paid online with a credit card or echeck by logging into the DVS Portal.

What documentation is required to participate in the DVS Program?

To sign up for the DVS program you will need to submit the required documentation.  Download and complete the Access Agreement, RMV Business Contact form, and the eServices Administrator form.  Once you have all of the required documentation ready to submit, scan and email to

  1. Letter on your business letterhead stating your business need of using the DVS Program
    • (Example: You are a transportation or delivery company that needs the ability to track their drivers’ license statuses).
  1. Agreement for Access to Records and Data Maintained by Registry of Motor Vehicles - Standard Business Partners
    • Must be completed and signed by the signatory authority for your business
  1. RMV Business Partner Contact Form
    • This form is used to collect the Business Owner, Program, Legal, Financial, Technical and Security contact information
  1. Proof of Federal Identification Number (FID)
    • Acceptable proof of FID includes the following IRS documents: Form 147C, Form 5372 - Notice of New Employer Identification Number Assigned, CP575 notice (issued by IRS) or Certificate of Exemption Form ST-2 (issued by the Department of Revenue).  The document used should be 2 years old or less.
  1. eServices Administrator Access Form
    • This form is used to identify who your eServices Administrator(s) will be for the program.

Contact Information

For questions regarding the DVS Program, email

For issues logging in and/or password trouble, email or call 857-368-7930.