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Guide Registering an apprenticeship program for Expansion Industries

Apprenticeships are work-based training programs that allow employers to foster talent and grow their teams by giving employees hands-on experience in a structured environment. Apprenticeship programs registered with the Division of Apprentice Standards (DAS) can be run directly by employers or through sponsor organizations, such as unions, employer associations, or community-based intermediaries. Here are the steps you need to take to register a program.

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Registering your apprenticeship program

You may start your application by either applying directly online here or, for additional assistance, emailing the Division of Apprentice Standards (DAS) at We will schedule a virtual meeting to understand your business needs and guide you through the registration process.

If you are registering a new program without an intermediary, you'll start by completing an online application through the DAS ePlace Portal.

Expansion Industries 

For industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, tech, and others, you should first decide if you want to sponsor an apprenticeship program yourself or work through an intermediary. 

If you are working through an intermediary, then you do not need to register with DAS. However, the intermediary should be registered with DAS. Here's a list of registered Expansion Industries apprenticeship programs, so please review the list and reach out to a sponsor to get your apprenticeship registration process started.

If you are registering a new program without an intermediary, you'll start by filling out Program Sponsor Registration and Apprenticeship Program Model of the Apprenticeship Program Application for Expansion Industries.

The online application requires you to enter basic information about your organization and the person who will oversee the apprenticeship program. You'll also need to provide information about which apprenticeship program model you'll adopt. This is where you'll define the skills and competencies that your apprentice or apprentices will learn and master on the job. As part of the initial registration process, you'll also need to sign off on administrative, disciplinary and other policies required to run an apprenticeship program.

The rest of this guide is focused on additional steps to know about and complete once you've had your Apprenticeship Program for Expansion Industries approved by DAS.

Key Actions for Registering your apprenticeship program

Selecting a training provider

In addition to on-the-job training, apprentices must also receive 150 hours per year of related instruction, depending upon the occupation. Such Related Technical Instruction (RTI) may be given in a classroom, through correspondence courses or other forms of self-study and is subject to DAS approval.

Here's a list of approved RTI providers.

Instructor/Proctor Certification Application

If your program is not accredited in Massachusetts OR you are delivering related technical instruction (RTI) in-house, your instructor must meet certain standards set by the Department of Higher Education. The Instructor/Proctor Certification Application must be filled out and submitted prior to the apprentice start date.

Programs working with accredited RTI providers are not required to submit this form. 

Key Actions for Instructor/Proctor Certification Application

Apprentice Agreement

Once your sponsor registration has been approved and you are ready to enroll apprentices, you must make sure that you complete an Apprentice Agreement for apprentice through the DAS ePlace Portal. This formalizes the relationship between the sponsor and apprentice. Apprentice Agreements may not be submitted by apprentices.

Key Actions for Apprentice Agreement

Co-Sponsor Agreement

If you are non-employer sponsor or a sponsor working with multiple employers, you must have a Apprentice Co-Sponsor Agreement with each employer that hires apprentices from your program. This agreement formalizes the employer's commitment to hiring apprentices from you. 

The Co-Sponsor Agreement is required for employers intending to apply for the Registered Apprentice Tax Credit (RATC) but does not guarantee approval of the tax credit application.

Key Actions for Co-Sponsor Agreement

Add an Occupation

If you want to add an occupation to your registered apprenticeship program, you must fill out the Add Occupation Form.

Key Actions for Add an Occupation

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