Guide Resources for Hemp Program Licensees

This page provides forms and guidance documents intended for use by Hemp Program Licensees

Table of Contents

Planting Form

The Planting Form should be submitted to the Department no later than ten (10) days after planting.

Your hemp may only be planted within a licensed growing area. You may NOT plant hemp in any unlicensed areas. To add growing area to your license, you MUST submit an amendment form to the program for prior approval.

NOTE: A copy of the seed certification(s) demonstrating that the varieties or cultivars planted are below the 0.3% total THC limit should be submitted to the Department before planting.

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Harvest Report

Harvest Reports must be submitted at least fourteen (14) days before harvest

Following the submission of this form, the Department will contact you to schedule an appointment to collect samples.  Harvest may not begin until samples have been collected.    

  • The licensee or a previously designated authorized signatory must be physically present during sampling.
  • Crop must be harvested within ten (10) days after sampling has taken place.
  • If harvesting prior to receiving the sample results, you MUST hold on to all harvested crop material which may not be comingled with other varieties nor extracted until a Certificate is issued from the Department.

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Amendment Forms

To make changes to your licensed area, please use the license amendment forms. With these forms you may

  • Add, change, or remove Growing or Processing Sites
  • Change license type

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