Selected Reportable Infectious Diseases in Massachusetts Data

The data included here represent a selection of reported, confirmed and probable reportable diseases. This data is part of the Department of Public Health's Population Health Information Tool (PHIT).

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Infectious diseases are a continuing threat to the public's health. They cause illness, suffering, and death, with an additional financial burden on society. Although some infectious diseases have been controlled by modern advances, diseases are constantly emerging or re-emerging.

Public health agencies at the federal, state and local level are all involved in disease surveillance and are responsible for planning, implementing, and evaluating public health interventions when certain diseases are detected.  

Disease surveillance, reporting, and control are required by law under Massachusetts General Law (MGL) Chapters 111 and 111D. This authorizes the state health department to declare a disease to be dangerous to the public's health. The Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) 105 CMR 300.000 Reportable Diseases, Surveillance and Isolation and Quarantine Requirements, specify what diseases and conditions are reportable, who is responsible for reporting them and to whom, when and how to report, and isolation and quarantine measures. There are currently approximately 90 diseases and conditions listed in 105 CMR 300.000.  The majority of these diseases are reportable to LBOH but certain diseases are reportable directly to MDPH. 

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The number of reported, confirmed and probable cases of a determined disease can be used to understand the public health burden in the population, prioritize resources, and guide and evaluate interventions.

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Infections are presented based on the geography of residence of the individual case and do not necessarily reflect the geography where the individual acquired the infection. Cases are defined using standard criteria from CSTE and CDC. Data included here are current as of the date when they were analyzed and are subject to change.  HIV data on prisoners are excluded from the town totals but included in the state total. 

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For infectious disease data requests, please complete the Surveillance Data Request form and email it to or fax it to 617-983-6813.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing your request. If you have specific questions about data availability, please call (617) 983-6801.

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