Simulations Instructor Certification

Instructor certification certifies officers on the operations and use of the simulation training system, enabling them to independently use it to provide training to police officers.

Instructor recertification is required every 3 years.

Prior to teaching, attending instructor certification or recertification training is the initial step to become MPTC Certified Instructor. Upon successful completion of required training potential instructors must complete the Instructor Certification Application to apply for certification as authorized instructor to teach a topic no matter where they intend to teach. Instructors who intend to train on behalf of and be paid by MPTC must have an Active Certification and, to be paid, an Active State Fiscal Contract.

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Simulations Instructor

Instructors who provide training within their respective department; or may assist a higher-level instructor at MPTC Recruit, In-Service, or Professional Development setting.

Instructor Requirements

  • Must have five years Law Enforcement experience
  • Must have successfully completed at least one (1) of the following MPTC courses:
    • Firearms Instructors Course
    • Defensive Tactics Instructor Course.
    • Applied Patrol Procedures Instructor Course.
      • Attend a 2-DAY Simulations Basic Setup, Calibration and Operation Course.
      • Attend a 3-day Patrol Tactics (PTAC) Instructor Certification Course.  (Unless qualified for an exemption)

Instructor Recertification

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Simulations Lead Instructor

May provide Instruction in any Agency or MPTC Setting.

Lead Instructor Requirements

  • Meet the requirements for an Instructor
  • Attend One Day Lead Instructor Update Course
  • Proof of attendance of a 3-day Patrol Tactics (PTAC) Instructor Certification Course.  (Unless qualified for an exemption)
  • Display knowledge of MPTC Recruit Manual content in:
      • Firearms
      • Defensive Tactics & Use of Force
      • Applied Patrol Procedures
  • Submit proof of at least forty-eight hours instructing over a 3-year period in a Recruit and/or Professional Development Training setting.

Lead Instructor Recertification

  • Submit proof of at least, forty-eight hours of Simulations instruction over a 2-year period in a Recruit and/or Professional Development Training setting.
  • Beginning in Fall of 2022, Instructor Recertification Classes will be offered yearly in Acadis.  Class will range from 4-16 hours depending on changes or additions to program and standards.  Completion of this class will be required for all recertifications beginning January 1, 2023.

Simulations Instructor Trainer

The simulations instructor trainers will be a limited group of instructors selected by the Statewide Coordinator. 

A simulations instructor trainer must be able to perform the following duties:

  • Teach Simulations Instructor Courses & Recertification Courses
  • Make MPTC site visits as necessary
  • Setup and install manufacturer supplied hardware and software upgrades as needed for MPTC equipment
  • Provide timely service and response to designated geographical area of responsibility as needed for MPTC equipment
  • Provide recommendations and assist in program development as needed
  • Attend system hardware/software upgrade classes as needed.

Instructor Trainer Requirements

  • Meet all requirement of Lead Instructor
  • Minimum of 3 years as an active Lead Instructor
  • Submit application, including resume, dates and hours worked as a Lead Instructor, to be reviewed by the Simulations Statewide Coordinator.

Recertification for Simulations Instructor Trainer

  • Instructor Trainers have the same recertification requirements as Lead Instructors.
  • Attend a system, scenario, or Instructor Evaluation Classes as required by the Statewide Coordinator.

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