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Access fingerprint-based criminal record information (SAFIS-R)

You may be authorized to access the results of fingerprint-based criminal record information and can learn how to register here.


The Details

What you need

To apply, you must:

  • Be employed and authorized by an approved agency
  • Have a valid form of identification 
  • Complete our online CJIS Security Training

How to register

To become eligible to access results, both the agency and staff member must complete the following forms:

For an employee of a school:

For an employee of a Massachusetts non-criminal justice state agency:

Once completed, please submit these to us via email.


Next steps

Pass our online security test

It's a state and federal requirement that anyone with access to fingerprint based criminal information must take and successfully pass our security test within 6 months from the start of employment or assignment.

A member of the our SAFIS Response Unit will send you a link to the test and your credentials to sign on. 



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