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Learn how to apply for child support services if you are a parent who pays or receives support.

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DOR provides child support services for parents who pay support and parents who receive support.

Before filling out the application, make sure you have the following information handy:

  • Social Security number
  • Information about the other parent
  • Information about the children

Visit Learn about child support services available from DOR.

How to apply   Apply for child support services

To apply online, you’ll need to fill out a child support online application.

Once you’ve applied for services, you can also go online to:

You can apply for services by mail, using a Child Support Intake Form & Application for Full Child Support Services (paper application).

To complete the form, follow the instructions on the application carefully.

Once you’ve completed your application, send it to:

     P.O. Box 7057
     Boston, MA 02204-7057

Applications are also available in Spanish:

If you're completing the form in court on the day your child support order is entered, leave the form at the Register’s Office in the court.

Make sure the court gives a copy of your order to DOR.

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Fill out an application if:

  • You want the Department of Revenue to start working on a new case to establish parentage (ask the court to determine who is your child's other legal parent) and add their name to the child’s birth certificate
  • You want the Department of Revenue to get, change, or enforce a child support order.
  • You have a case where we are collecting child support by income withholding (deducting money from the other parent’s paycheck), but you want full enforcement services.
  • You and the other parent in your case have another child in addition to the children in your current case, and you want services to get child support for that child.
  • You already have a case, but you have a child with a different parent and want services for that child.
  • You previously closed a child support case and want to re-open it.

After you submit your application, the next step in our process will be to create a case and send a letter to you and the other parent explaining the steps we will take on your case.

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