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The Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (MassEVIP) helps eligible public entities acquire electric vehicles and install charging stations for their fleets.
Incentives are available on a first-come, first-served basis until all available funding is spent.

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Please contact MassDEP if you need the application in an alternate format.

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  1. What to Know

    MassEVIP Fleets is one of several Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) open grant programs aimed at making electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging stations more widely available across Massachusetts. The following table will help you determine which incentives may be available for your project.

    MassDEP Program These Entities are Eligible to Apply Learn More
    Fleets Municipal governments, public colleges/universities, and state agencies garaging fleet vehicles This page (see below)
    Multi-Unit Dwelling Charging Private, public, or non-profit dwellings with ten or more residential units Web Page
    Public Access Charging Non-residential private, public, or non-profit sites available for public use Web Page
    Workplace Charging Private, public, or non-profit workplaces with at least 15 employees on site Web Page
    Open Solicitation Private, public, or non-profit entities proposing other eligible Mitigation Actions under the VW Settlement Web Page

    For more detailed information about available funding, eligible entities and locations, and program requirements, see the Matrix of VW & MassEVIP Grant Programs below.

    MassEVIP Fleets is aimed at increasing the deployment of EVs and giving advanced transportation technology more visibility across the state.

    Cities and towns, state agencies, and state colleges and universities are eligible to apply for funding toward the purchase of EVs and the installation of Level 2 dual-port charging stations.

    See MassEVIP Fleets Requirements below to learn more.

  2. Apply Online

    Follow the link below to complete your application. Submit only one application per street address.

    While the online application is compatible with all web browsers, it works best with Firefox.

    Please emailĀ if you need the application in an alternate format.

    MassDEP accepts applications on a first-come, first-served basis until all available funding is spent.

  3. MassDEP Reviews Your Application

    The agency begins by checking your application for completeness and verifying your eligibility.

    After satisfactory review and within 30 days of receiving your application, MassDEP will issue you an approval letter and contract documents that specify the terms and conditions of your award.

    • Purchase Vehicles and/or Install Charging Stations

      Once you sign and return the contract documents to MassDEP, you have 180 days to complete your vehicle acquisition(s) and/or charging station installation(s).

      As a public entity, your organization is eligible to use statewide contracts to acquire:

      • Electric passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, trucks, vans, special services vehicles, and police pursuit vehicles; and/or
      • Electric vehicle charging stations.

      MassDEP provides MassEVIP incentive payments directly to vendors on statewide contract, or directly to your organization if it selects vendors not on statewide contract.

      Statewide Contract User Guides:

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    To date, MassDEP has provided 83 separate entities with nearly $2.3 million in MassEVIP Fleets grant funds to acquire 267 electric vehicles and 92 dual-port charging stations.

    To learn more, see:

    • Downloads below for a list of completed projects and community cases studies.
    • The MassDEP Flickr Photostream for images of electric vehicles and charging stations that cities, towns, and municipal authorities have acquired or installed with MassEVIP assistance.
    • The following table, which charts the growth in electric (EV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles across Massachusetts since the MassEVIP program began.

    See National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA) Reports for annual breakdowns of where motor vehicles and automotive parts sold in the United States are made/manufactured.

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