Apply for or renew your Stable License

If you provide horses for hire, you must have a Stable License
We recommend you apply for a license 45-60 days before operating.

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The Details

What you need

Whether you provide horses for use in lessons or trail rides, hay-rides and pony rides, or use horses to pull a carriage for hire, you need a stable license in place before beginning operations.

The state will perform an inspection of your facilities before issuing a license and again in each renewal period.

Each License will expire on the March 31 following the date of issue.

You may submit the current Stable License Application with the annual fee for both new and renewal applications. You should renew in February or March. You may apply at any time.


The annual fee is $100.

How to apply

Mail completed application and fee to:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
P.O. Box 419168
Boston, MA 02241-9168

Next steps


Once we receive your application, an inspector will visit your facility to ensure compliance.

Based on that inspection we will either issue a license or provide you a copy of the report showing which deficiencies need to be addressed prior to a re-inspection.

A copy of the regulations is linked below:

More info

What kind of records am I required to keep?
All licensees must maintain records of the daily work periods for each horse for 30 days.

If I apply for an equine dealer /transporter license and I am a licensed stable, what is the fee?
For those currently licensed under Chapter 128, Section 2B (Stable License), the license fee is reduced to $5.00 when accompanied by the Stable License Number. A vehicle decal is required for each vehicle in which animals will be transported. The fee for each decal is $5.00.

Where can I find information on concussions?
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) publishes information on concussions through their "Heads Up" program

Where can I find Heads Up resources that can be customized with our Stable Name and Logo?
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) maintains a Resource Center for their Heads Up program where you can find Customizable Materials.






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