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Athletic Field Scheduling

Reserving and using DCR athletic fields

Department of Conservation and Recreation


Community Relations (617) 626-4973

The Details

What you need


One time use: $40.00 for first 2-3 hr. block, then $40.00/hr. thereafter (per field)

Three or more days: $200.00 for first 2-3 hr. block, then $40.00/hr. (per field)

Seasonal rentals: $200.00 for first 2-3 hr. block, then $40.00/hr. per field, per day of the season **

Light fee: $50.00/hr

How to apply

251 Causeway St. 9th Floor, Boston, MA 02114


Next steps

DCR will review your application

All applications will be considered according to agency priorities for field use (see Community Guide for the Reservation and Use of DCR Athletic Fields and Facilities) and the field schedule. DCR will make every effort to accommodate applications however, space and time limitations may not allow the agency to grant all requests.

DCR may contact one or more groups during the scheduling period to explore alternative scheduling that will allow us to maximize field utilization and equitably accommodate as many requests as possible.



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Community Relations (617) 626-4973


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