File a minimum wage complaint

If you think your employer didn't follow minimum wage laws, here's how to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office.

Attorney General's Fair Labor Division

The Details   of File a minimum wage complaint

What you need   for File a minimum wage complaint

For most complaints relating to wages and hours, you file a wage complaint online. You will need to provide information about yourself and your complaint, as well as information about your employer.

How to file   File a minimum wage complaint

When you fill out your complaint, provide as much information as you can. After you submit the form, you will have the chance to upload documents that support your claim, such as:

  • Pay stubs for the period during which the violation occurred
  • A copy of your company’s vacation or sick policy, if that is the subject of your complaint
  • Other records showing the problem you are complaining about

Even if you cannot upload these documents when you submit the complaint, you should still keep them available.

Next steps   for File a minimum wage complaint

After you complete your form

Our office will review your complaint as soon as we can. We receive many complaints, so it may take several weeks to decide whether we will investigate your claim

Every complaint is different. Not all complaints lead to an investigation. Depending on your information and our investigation, we may decide to:

  • Pursue your unpaid wages

  • Give you a “private right of action” letter. This letter allows you to sue your employer for your unpaid wages and other damages.

  • Punish your employer with a civil citation. This might mean that your employer has to pay unpaid wages and a penalty.

  • File criminal charges against your employer. If that happens, you may have to go to court as a witness. In that case, an assistant attorney general will contact you to explain what happens when witnesses go to court.

  • Take some other action to resolve any violations we find.

More info   for File a minimum wage complaint

Some workers want to sue on their own, without the help of this office. If you want to sue on your own you must ask for a "private right of action" letter in the comment section of the complaint form. This letter gives you the right to sue on your own.

If you win your case, your employer must pay you three times the amount of your unpaid wages. Your employer will also have to pay for your court costs and your lawyer’s fees.

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