Getting a law library card

Learn how to get a borrower card for the Trial Court Law Libraries to borrow books and access databases.

Trial Court Law Libraries

The Details of Getting a law library card

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To borrow materials from the Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries, or to use our online databases, you will need a Trial Court Law Libraries library card. Library cards are free! One card will work at all fifteen law libraries, but it is not the same as your local public library card. There are three ways to get a card:

Court employees

If you are a court employee with a .jud email address, please use our simple online form. Otherwise, follow the directions below.

Everyone else

  1. You must register in person at one of the 15 law library locations.
  2. You must completely fill out a registration form. For your convenience, we have forms on the site in English and Spanish for you to fill out and bring with you, but it isn't necessary to do so. Forms are available in the libraries.
  3. You must bring with you one form of photo identification with a current home address.
  4. Once you have completed the paperwork, you will be given your library barcode number, which you can use to access online databases through this website, and you will be permitted to borrow one book that day.
  5. The borrower's card will be mailed to your home address. After you receive the card by mail, you will need to present it whenever you wish to borrow materials. There will be a $2 fee for the replacement of a lost borrower card.
  6. After the first mailing, you may choose to have a preferred contact address (different from your home address) for circulation activities such as reserves and overdue notices. Circulation notices will be e-mailed, or, if you'd rather, mailed to the preferred address.
  7. For more information on circulation and borrowing privileges, see our Circulation Policy.

How to get Getting a law library card

You must visit a law library in person to apply for your card. Find your nearest law library

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