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MassVoice Remote Tools

Send your voicemail to email, and/or extend your desktop phone to ring to your mobile device.

EOTSS End User and IT Service Support


Support for Commonwealth end users and IT support personnel

The Details of MassVoice Remote Tools

Features for MassVoice Remote Tools

*For existing MassVoice customers ONLY*

Voicemail to eMail 

You can receive an email notification with the voicemail message attached as an audio file, or an email notification only and access your voice mailbox remotely to listen. 

If you choose to receive your voicemail as an audio file, you will get an email notification whenever there is a new voicemail in your mailbox. This Email notification will display a paperclip, which indicates that your voicemail message has been included as an attachment. 


Extension to Cellular (EC500) 

With EC500, calls to an office number are extended to a cell phone, allowing users to receive work-related calls wherever they are and whenever they need to. The cell phone user receives the same features and capabilities for incoming calls as a Caller ID enabled analog telephone connected directly to the Avaya Communications Server (G3V9.5+). EC500 provides this capability regardless of the cell phone's Cellular Service Provider or the cellular standard in use.

Pricing for MassVoice Remote Tools

There is no additional* fee for MassVoice Extension to Cellular (EC-500).

*MassVoice Extension to Cellular (EC-500) is available at no additional fee to MassVoice customers.

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