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IT Liaisons (ITLs)

IT Liaisons submit and/or approve requests via ServiceNow on behalf of their Agency/Secretariat.

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IT Liaison (ITL) Responsibilities

  • Since many requests also have financial and/or access-related implications, this role ensures that internal Agency or Secretariat processes and approvals have been successfully completed before the request is fulfilled by EOTSS.

  • While the IT Liaison does not take the place of the BAR (Business Application Request) where applicable, this individual does ensure that the request has been authorized by the Agency/Secretariat. 


ITLs are responsible for approving certain requests on behalf of their agency/Secretariat users.

Also, certain ServiceNow request items are only available to ITLs.  Requests for these applications or services will not be accepted via Incidents or Requests submitted using other ServiceNow Catalog request items.  Unauthorized requesters will be referred back to their Agency/Secretariat ITLs - this is to ensure that all access requests have been internally approved within the Agency/Secretariat prior to submission.

Request items only available to ITLs

These request items appear under the Secure Applications & Access category in the ServiceNow Catalog (see Additional Resources, below).

  • ITL - Request or Modify ITL Users and Groups*

*NOTE: Designated Security Officers (DSOs) will also have access to IT Liaison (ITL) requests

Additional Resources

Designating Agency/Secretariat ITLs

Who should be an IT Liaison?
  • Someone who will ensure compliance with any internal Agency/Secretariat approval processes.
  • Someone who will approve and submit predesignated requests on behalf of their agency/Secretariat users.
  • Best practice: at least two (2) ITLs per Agency/Secretariat
How do I modify my agency/Secretariat's ITL users or groups?

Only currently designated ITLs and DSOs are able to add or remove ITL users or groups on behalf of their agency/Secretariat.  ITLs may modify their agency/Secretariat ITL users or groups using the ITL - Request or Modify ITL Users and Groups catalog request item in ServiceNow (see Additional Resources, below).

Centralize or Decentralize the ITL role?

ITL groups determine which agency/Secretariat users the ITL is responsible for.

The decision to either centralize the role of the ITL at the Secretariat-level, or to parcel out responsibility per Agency/department/unit, rests solely with the Agency/Secretariat:

  • centralize the ITL role at the agency/Secretariat-level with one ITL group, or
  • create several ITL groups to assign ITLs to individual agencies/departments 

Additional Resources

ITL Resources

Submit a request

To submit a request, login to ServiceNow, click on Service Catalog, browse the categories to find the appropriate request or search for a specific item using the “Search” bar.  Once you have found the appropriate request, complete the request form and select order now.

Approve a request

ITLs will receive an email from Service Now when a request requires ITL approval.  Click on View Ticket Details within the email, and you will be directed to ServiceNow to approve/reject the request.

Helpful ServiceNow Knowledge Base (KB) Articles

Approving or Rejecting Items

Assigning a Delegate to Approve On Your Behalf

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