Re-apply for a limited dental faculty license

If you have a limited dental faculty license, you can apply to renew your limited license(s) every year.

Board of Registration in Dentistry

The Details of Re-apply for a limited dental faculty license

What you need for Re-apply for a limited dental faculty license

Practice location information

  • Name, address, and phone of sponsoring institution/clinic
  • Date of practice to begin
  • Name of supervising dentist
  • Massachusetts Dental License number

Application attachments

We must have these attachments to process your application.

Documentation of certifications

Documentation of Current CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer or Current BLS Certification

Confirmation of Full-Time Faculty Appointment

An original letter signed by a school official on institutional stationery, including the dates of your faculty appointment.

Letters of Standing
  • Official verification of professional licensure from each state or jurisdiction in which you now hold, or ever have held, a license
  • The official letter must include the current status of your license, license number, the official seal and signature of the jurisdiction’s licensing Board, and any disciplinary action taken
  • A photocopy of a license is not acceptable
  • A copy of a screen shot from the jurisdiction’s licensing Board website is also not acceptable

If applicable

Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) Acknowledgment Form
  • You will need this if you have answered “yes” to any of the questions in the Good Moral Character Questions section
  • This form is attached in the application
  • This must be signed in person, and witnessed by either a BHPL employee at the Board's offices or a notary public
    • The BPHL employee or notary public must verify your identity through acceptable identification
National Practitioner Data Bank Self-Query
  • Attach if you have ever held a professional healthcare license in the United States
  • To request a self-query please contact the Data Bank at (800) 767-6732 or go to the NPDB website
  • The Data Bank will mail the report to you. A copy of the original NPDB report is acceptable.
Good moral standing

If you answer "yes" to any of the moral standing questions on the application:

  • Attach a separate sheet explaining the circumstances
  • Also provide all relevant certified documentation (police reports, court records, disciplinary action reports, etc.). Include final disposition of the matter.

Other requirements


    You must sign the affidavit on the application and have it witnessed by a Notary Public.

    Fees for Re-apply for a limited dental faculty license

    • We accept personal checks, business checks, or money orders. Make it payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
    • All fees are nonrefundable and nontransferable
    • Please don't staple payment to the application
    • Please don't send cash
    Name Fee Unit
    Dental limited license fee $90 each
    Handling charge for returned checks $23 each

    How to apply Re-apply for a limited dental faculty license

    1. Download the application below
    2. Fill out the application
      • Include the fee and all attachments
    3. Mail completed application and all attachments to:

    Massachusetts Board of Registration in Dentistry
    239 Causeway St.
    Suite 500
    Boston, MA 02114

    Next steps for Re-apply for a limited dental faculty license

    Keep a copy

    Please retain a copy of all application materials for your records.

    Downloads for Re-apply for a limited dental faculty license

    Contact for Re-apply for a limited dental faculty license