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Renew your driver's license

This page explains how to renew your driver's license.
The RMV will send your new driver’s license to the mailing address on record in 10 -14 days.

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The Details   of Renew your driver's license

What you need   for Renew your driver's license

If you already have your REAL ID and are up for renewal (check for the yellow star in the upper right hand corner of your license or ID), you are already eligible to do so online at Mass.Gov/RMV.

If you have not selected a REAL ID driver’s license/ID or a standard driver’s license/ID yet, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Mass.Gov/RMV and click on “Online Service Center,” select your renewal transaction (Driver’s License or ID), and then follow the prompts to verify your identity and start your transaction.
  2. Choose the type of card you want:
  • REAL ID Massachusetts driver’s license/ID card. A REAL ID is valid as a form of federal identification. The RMV encourages anyone that flies within the U.S. to obtain a REAL ID.
  1. Print your application summary document.
  2. Make a reservation to visit an RMV Service Center or AAA branch (if you’re a AAA member) with your application summary document, required documentation, and applicable fee to complete your renewal.
  • Standard Massachusetts driver’s license/ID card. A Standard ID is not valid as a form of federal identification and will not be accepted as a form of ID if you fly domestically within the U.S. or visit certain federal buildings after May 7, 2025. If you choose a Standard Massachusetts driver’s license or ID card, you may be able to submit all required documents and complete your renewal online.

Starting July 1, 2023 eligible residents in Massachusetts can obtain a Standard (Class D or M) driver's license, regardless of immigration status, under the Work and Family Mobility Act. For more information, visit www.mass.gov/wfma.

You can’t renew your driver’s license if:

  • Your driver’s license is suspended or revoked
  • You have unpaid parking tickets, excise tax, or EZ-Pass violations

Check the status of your license before renewing if either of these applies to you. 

Turning 21 soon? You may want to wait to renew until your birthday. See the 'Turning 21?' section below. 

Fees   for Renew your driver's license

REAL IDs can be issued for less than 5 years, depending on the duration of an applicant’s lawful presence in the U.S. In this case, the fee will be prorated, based on the how long the license, permit, or Mass ID is valid. For a license, it will be $10.00 per year. For a Mass ID, it will be $5.00 per year.

Name Fee Unit
Passenger Driver's License Renewal Fee $50 each
Motorcycle Driver's License (Class M) $50 -
Passenger/Motorcycle Driver's License (Class DM) $65 each

How to renew   Renew your driver's license

  1. You may need to provide information from your citizenship/lawful presence document if you are renewing a limited-term REAL credential. 
  2. Visit the RMV's Online Service Center and select your renewal transaction then follow the prompts to verify your identity and start your transaction.
  3. Choose Standard Massachusetts driver’s license and follow the prompts to complete your transaction online.

You will be able to review and change your address if necessary during the application process.

Make a reservation to visit an RMV Service Center. Bring all required documents, fees, and the completed application to any RMV Service Center.

If you are a AAA member, you can make a reservation to renew your driver’s license/ID at a AAA location. Visit aaa.com/appointments to schedule your visit.

More info   for Renew your driver's license

You can renew your license up to 2 years after expiration. If your license has been expired more than 2 years, you will be required to take the learner's permit exam and road test.

Unpaid fines or taxes

You can check the status of your driver’s license to find out if you have unpaid fines or excise taxes that will prevent you from renewing your driver's license. You will need to pay any outstanding obligations before renewing your license.

  • Parking tickets or excise taxes — Pay the tickets or taxes, and get a receipt from the city or town showing that items have been paid.
  • EZ-Pass MA — Call customer service at (877) 627-7745 to pay your violations.

Turning 21?

If you renew your driver's license before your 21st birthday, you will receive a vertical license with the words "Under 21" printed on it. That license will be good for 5 years. However, if you renew your license on or after your 21st birthday, you will receive a standard horizontal license without "Under 21" printed on it.

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