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Report a medically impaired driver

If you are medically impaired, or know someone who is, and are unable to operate a motor vehicle safely, the RMV accepts reports and evaluates drivers to ensure safety on the roads.

RMV - Medical Affairs Division

The Details

What you need

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To report a medically impaired driver, you need to be a:

  • family member
  • health care provider
  • law enforcement officer
  • interested third party, including, but not limited to, a member of the driver’s community (such as neighbors), a private driving school, a social worker, etc.

If you are a medically impaired driver, you can voluntarily surrender your license and receive a Mass ID free of charge.


How to report

To report a medically impaired driver, you must send the request for medical evaluation form to:

Medical Affairs
P.O. Box 55889
Boston, MA 02205

A law enforcement official or healthcare provider may send a report in good faith with underlying information based on their own personal evidence or observations to the RMV. This will immediately result in a licensing action from the RMV.

Concerned citizens who report will cause the Medical Affairs to seek further information from a healthcare provider and the person who is reported on.

Next steps

Licensing Action

Based on information received, additional information may be requested from your medical provider. RMV's Medical Affairs will follow up with the driver to make sure they are safe to drive. Based on this, Medical Affairs may or may not take a licensing action.

More info

The RMV cannot guarantee anonymity. Massachusetts has a public records law and a copy of this form will be released if a formal written request as to what initiated the RMV action is received from the licensee.



Mailing Address
PO Box 55889, Attention: Medical Affairs, Boston, MA 02205-5889
Physical Address
136 Blackstone Street, Haymarket Center, Boston, MA 02109


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