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Report improper access or use of a criminal record

You're able to file a complaint if you believe that your criminal record information may have been improperly accessed or used.

Department of Criminal Justice Information Services

The Details

What you need

If you if think your criminal record information has been illegally accessed, misused, or has inaccuracies, you can file a formal compliant. 

To file a complaint, you'll need: 

  • Documentation of the alleged violation
  • A legible copy of government-issued identification

How to report

Complaints can be easily filed online. To file, complete and submit your complaint form

Complaints can be filed via mail. Depending on the type of violation, complete the form below that is most relevant to your complaint. 

To file, please mail your copy of a government-issued photo identification, copies of the documented alleged violations, and a completed complaint form to: 

Attn: Legal Department

Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services

200 Arlington St., Suite 2200

Chelsea, MA 02150




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