WW 24: General License Certification

This certification provides owners of small docks and piers with a simplified process for licensing these structures.

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The Details   of WW 24: General License Certification

What you need   for WW 24: General License Certification


Please read all the instructions before initiating this process; do not use the old application form or public-notice forms. The Application Form (Proof of Signature) that is required to be signed by the applicant(s), property owner(s), and Zoning Official (for coastal projects) will be generated by the online system and emailed to you to be executed after the Comment Period and after submittal of the online General License Certification application and preliminary review by the Department.

This self-certification of the Chapter 91 Waterways General License provides applicants with an expedited process for authorization for certain small residential docks and piers.

The pre-application filing is required to be completed prior to initiating the public-notice process and submittal of the WW24 application. Please go to the Pre-Application Information page (link below) and complete that process before proceeding.

Pre-application form for WW24 General License Certification and WW06 Simplified License Application

The General License Certification is applicable for:

  • a proposed structure
  • an existing unauthorized structure
  • certain previously licensed structure in need of a renewed authorization

The Chapter 91 regulations specify that if a structure meets the eligibility requirements, it is required to be authorized through the General License Certification.

The Public Notice, Planning Board Statement, and project plans are prepared, published, and distributed by the applicant prior to initiating the online application process.

Fees   for WW 24: General License Certification


If you pay by mail to the Lock Box, please include the Application Number provided by the ePLACE system (e.g. YY-WW25-XXXX-APP) on your check.

Please only submit the $75.00 application fee at the time of submittal.

For all General License Certifications, the application fee in the amount of $75.00 is due upon submittal of the application. In addition to the application fee, certain structures are subject to Commonwealth Occupation and Displacement Fees. Applicants will use MassDEP's fee calculators for Inland or Coastal Structures to calculate these fees and submit a copy of the calculation with the application. Upon receipt of the application, staff will review the fee calculation, and verify and request the amount due, if any.

Inland Fee Calculator 

Coastal Fee Calculator

When you open the Fee Calculator Excel spreadsheet you will need to first click on the “Enable Editing” and “Enable Content” buttons for it to function properly.

See all MassDEP Permit Timelines and Fees

Name Fee Unit
Processing Fee $75 per structure

How to apply   WW 24: General License Certification

Online through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ePLACE Citizen Access Portal: 


Next steps   for WW 24: General License Certification

  1. Review the Instructions

    1. Read these instructions (linked below) for a step-by-step guide to the application process.
    2. Complete the Public Notice publication and mailing as described in the Instructions.
      The templates for the Public Notice, Planning Board Statement, and project plans are available in the instructions document. The Public Notice and Planning Board Statement templates are also linked below.
      Do not initiate the online application process until after 45 days from the publication of the public notice and completion of the mailing.
    3. Calculate any Occupation/Displacement fees
    4. Prepare all supporting documents, as described in the instructions, during the comment period.
  2. Complete the Application Form

    The application form and all supporting documents are to be filed electronically. The EEA ePLACE instructions provide guidance for the online process.

    For technical assistance regarding online filing, contact the EEA ePLACE Help Desk Team at 1-844-733-7522 or ePLACE_helpdesk@mass.gov.

  3. Submit your Application and Fee Payment

    1. File online via the EEA ePlace Portal.
    2. For additional guidance on navigating the EEA ePLACE Portal, please follow this link - EEA ePLACE Portal Instruction Documents
    3. You will have the option to pay online by credit card or automated clearing house (ACH) or pay by mail. If you select the pay-by-mail option, instructions on how to do so will be provided when you submit your online application.

    Please note: You will be sent a "Proof of Signature" form via email that is required to be executed by all applicants and property owners (and the local Zoning Official for coastal projects) and uploaded to the online application file.

    The Waterways Program will advise of any pending items or fees required for a complete application.

    The Waterways Program will issue an Affirmation of the General License Certification.

  4. Record your Certification and Plans at the Registry of Deeds

    Once approved, the General License Certification must be recorded against the chain of title for the property at the appropriate Registry of Deeds within 60 days of issuance, and the recording information provided to the Department. 

More info   for WW 24: General License Certification

If you have a dock, pier, or structure that is located on an inland (non-tidal) waterway that is not on the Great Pond list and is not located in a jurisdictional river or stream you do not need a Chapter 91 License. See the list of Great Ponds provided here.

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