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Become A Licensed Riding Instructor

Qualifications and Documents to Become a Licensed Riding Instructor

To become a licensed Riding Instructor you must pass the Safety and Basic Knowledge exam and either be qualified as a riding instructor through a recognized governing authority or similar approved certifying entity, or have successfully completed an apprentice program of at least six months and that includes 60 hours of teaching mounted students at a licensed stable under the direct supervision of a licensed mentor.  


Safety and Basic Knowledge Exam

All candidates must pass a Safety and Basic Knowledge Exam and should plan on doing this early. The exam covers Riding Theory, Safety, General Equine Health, Laws and Regulations, Physiology, and Anatomy. The Study Materials includes all the Laws and Regulations you will be tested on. There are many reference books available for other sections of the exam. Some examples are the Pony Club Manuals and books from the Certified Horsemanship Association.   


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Previously Qualified Candidates

Previously qualified candidates do not have to serve an apprenticeship in many cases.

If there is a record you were previously licensed in Massachusetts, but you did not renew your license, you must retake the exam to be reinstated.

If you were certified by another entity, contact the program and list those certifications on the exam application under "Substitutions."


Candidates Serving Apprenticeships

Candidates must declare their apprenticeship in the first 30 days. You may take the exam at any time, but must pass it before teaching mounted students and recording that work in your Hour Log.  

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